Orange Pi 2G-IOT Quad Core 256MB RAM Development Board

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Orange Pi 2G-IOT Quad Core 32 Bit Cortex A5 Board [256MB RAM] is a full computer on a small single board, which consist of CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM, Wi-Fi, Microphone, Ports, and also operating systems to be placed in educational robot, copters, toys, etc., to command and control things. Orange Pi is an open-source computer maker which makes open-source single-board computers with orange Pi brand. Such a single-board computer can be run under Android, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian Image. Orange Pi is a Raspberry Pi competitor. The orange Pi computers are produced in different model and series of Orange Pi Zero, Orange Pi One, Orange Pi lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi Plus, Orange Pi Prime, Orange Pi 2G-IOT, Orange Pi Win, Orange Pi Win plus, etc.
This computer board is plus series and based on the AllWinner ARM Cortex-A5 32bit CPU+Vivante's GC860 GPU, 64-bit support with 256MB DDR2 SDRAM and 512MB SLC Nand Flash, which is booted and operated on the operating system of Android, Ubuntu, Debian Image. This series is low cost, simplified, and funny, to begin controlling the things easily and simply. This board is supplied by 5V DC with 2A current through the DC4 1.7mm port. It has OTG-USB2-host, USB2-host, CSI camera, as input ports and 40 pins serial, GPIO-UART, and LCD flat socket as output port, and a TFT and a SIM slot. The Orange Pi 2G-IOT is equipped with GSM/GPRS 2G SIM socket, WiFi and Bluetooth V4.2 wireless too. This board is designed for educational projects for the starter and learner of this technology, to develop a lite computer, a wireless lite server, play games, play audio-videos, etc.
This computer board is sold alone, but you can prepare its dedicated accessory such as USB to DC4 cable, 220 to 5V 2A adapter, Orange Pi case, from our site store

CPU: ARM Cortex-A5 32bit
     The separate graphics processor, Vivante's GC860 
     support OpenGLES1.1/2.0 
     support OpenVG1.4 
     support DirectFB 
     support GDI/DirectShow 
     30M Triangle/s, 250M Pixel/s
Memory (SDRAM): Integrated 256MB LPDDR2 SDRAM
Onboard Storage:TF card / Integrated 512MB 8Bit 1.8V 4K SLC Nand Flash
Onboard WIFI+BT: RDA5991, WIFI+BT
2G model:
     The four frequency single card 
     GSM/GPRS Dedicated accelerators 
     SIM card
     A CSI input connector Camera 
     Supports 8-bit YUV422 CMOS sensor interface 
     Supports CCIR656 protocol for NTSC and PAL 
     Supports SM pixel camera sensor 
     Supports video capture solution up to [email protected]
Audio Input: MIC, 3.5 mm Jack
Video Outputs: LCD
Audio Outputs:3.5 mm Jack, FM, SPEAK(Optional)
Power Source:
     USB OTG can supply power 
     Battery input can supply power(Optional)
GPIO(1x3) pin: UART, ground.
USB 2.0 Ports:One USB 2.0 HOST, One USB 2.0 OTG
Buttons: Power Button(SW602)
Low-level peripherals:40 Pins Header, compatible with Raspberry Pi B+
LED: Power indicator
Supported OS: Android, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian Image
Product size:67 mm × 42mm

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