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The L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module is a versatile and reliable solution for controlling both DC motors and stepper motors. It is widely used in robotics, automation projects, and DIY electronics due to its ease of use and flexibility.

Specifications of L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module

  • Supply Voltage: Up to 35V V
  • Output Current: Up to 2A per channel (totally 4A)
  • The peak power: 20W
  • Logic Voltage: 5V
  • The logical part of the operating current range: 0 ~ 36mA
  • Control Interface: PWM or digital inputs
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +130°C
  • Dimensions: 55mm * 60mm * 30mm
  • Weight: 33g

Key features of L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module:

  • Dual-Channel Control: The L298N module features dual-channel H-bridge design, enabling independent control of two motors simultaneously. This allows for versatile motor control applications.
  • Motor Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of motors, including DC motors and bipolar stepper motors, making it suitable for various projects requiring different types of motor control.
  • High Current Capacity: With the capability to deliver a continuous current of up to 2A per channel, the module can handle motors with substantial power requirements, providing robust performance in demanding applications.
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: The module supports a wide supply voltage range, up to 35V, offering flexibility in powering different motor configurations and accommodating various power sources.
  • Protection Features: Built-in protection features such as thermal shutdown and overcurrent protection ensure the safety of both the module and connected motors, guarding against potential damage due to excessive heat or current.
  • Easy Interfacing: The L298N module is straightforward to interface with microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other development boards, thanks to its simple control interface using PWM or digital inputs. It input pins are compativle with 3.3 and 5v.
  • Onboard Regulator: It includes an onboard 5V regulator, facilitating the powering of external circuitry, simplifying the overall setup and reducing the need for additional components.
  • Convenient Connections: The module features screw terminals for easy and secure connections with motors and power sources, enhancing the convenience of installation and maintenance.

Pinout of L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module

  • VMS: Motor power supply (input)
  • GND: Ground
  • +5V: Module power supply – 5 V (output)
  • ENA: Activator for channel A
  • ENB: Activator for channel B
  • IN1: Input 1 (5 V)
  • IN2: Input 2 (5V)
  • IN3: Input 3 (5V)
  • IN4: Input 4 (5V)
  • OUT1: Output 1
  • OUT2: Output 2
  • OUT3: Output 3
  • OUT4: Output 4

You can see pinout of this module in the image below.



How L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module works

The L298N module uses an H-bridge configuration to control the direction and speed of DC motors and the stepping sequence of stepper motors. It consists of four power transistors arranged in an H-bridge configuration per channel. By controlling the input signals to these transistors, the module can drive the connected motors forward, backward, or stop them altogether. It utilizes PWM signals to control the speed of motors effectively.


Usage Tips of L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module

When using the L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module, here are some tips to ensure proper usage and maximize its performance:

  • Power Supply Voltage: Ensure that the power supply voltage is within the specified operating range mentioned above. Operating the module outside the recommended voltage range may result in damage.
  • Motor Specifications: Match the motor specifications with the capabilities of the L298N module. Check the voltage and current requirements of your DC motors to ensure compatibility.
  • Current Sensing: Utilize the current sensing feature to monitor the current flowing through the motors. This can be useful for feedback control and protection purposes.
  • Enable/Disable Functionality: Take advantage of the enable/disable function (EN pin) to selectively turn the motor driver on or off. When no force is applied to the motor and you can turn it off, use this to prevent the motors from overheating.
  • Testing and Calibration: Before integrating the motor driver into your main system, perform initial testing and calibration to ensure proper functionality. Confirm that the motors respond as expected to control signals.
  • Grounding: Properly connect the ground (GND) of the motor driver to the ground of your control circuit. Maintaining a common ground reference is essential for stable operation.

If you want to learn more about this module and how to use it, you can read “Interfacing L298N Motor Driver Module with Arduino”.



Can I control both DC motors and stepper motors with this module?


Yes, the L298N module is designed to handle both DC motors and bipolar stepper motors.


What is the maximum current this module can handle?


The module can handle a continuous current of up to 2A per channel.


Can I use this module with Arduino?


Absolutely, the L298N module is commonly used with Arduino and other microcontrollers. It's easy to interface and control using digital pins.


Does this module come with overcurrent protection?


Yes, the L298N module has built-in overcurrent protection to prevent damage to connected motors and the module itself in case of excessive current flow.


Can I power external circuitry with this module?


Yes, the L298N module includes an onboard 5V regulator, allowing you to power external circuitry conveniently.

These frequently asked questions provide valuable insights into the capabilities, compatibility, and protective features of the L298N Dual-Channel DC/Stepper Motor Driver Module, addressing common concerns users may have before integrating it into their projects.

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