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The L298N Motor Driver Board is a versatile and robust module designed to control and drive DC motors and stepper motors in a wide range of robotics and electronics projects. This dual H-bridge motor driver offers bidirectional control of two motors or a single stepper motor, making it an essential component for creating mobile robots, vehicles, and automated systems. With its capability to handle high currents and voltages, the L298N Motor Driver Board provides a reliable and efficient solution for precise motor control and movement.

Specificatoins of L298N Dual-Channel Bipolar DC/Stepper Motor Driver Board:

  • Motor Driver Chip: L298N dual H-bridge motor driver
  • Operating Voltage: 5V - 35V
  • Peak Current: 2A per channel (continuous), 3A per channel (peak)
  • Logic Voltage: 5V (TTL compatible)
  • Control Modes: Forward, Reverse, Brake, and Standby
  • Motor Types: DC motors and 4-phase stepper motors
  • Built-in Protection Diodes: Prevent back EMF (flyback) voltage spikes
  • Dimensions: Varies based on board design
  • Mounting: Screw terminals for motor connections

Features of L298N Dual-Channel Bipolar DC/Stepper Motor Driver Board:

  • Usage Tip:
  • When connecting motors, ensure proper polarity to avoid damaging the motor driver board. Use separate power supplies for the motors and the logic voltage (5V) to prevent interference and ensure stable motor operation.
  • Caution:
  • Avoid overloading the motor driver beyond its specified current and voltage ratings to prevent overheating and potential damage to the board. Use appropriate heat sinks if the motor current approaches the peak limits during extended operation.
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