ACS712 5A Current Sensor Module

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ACS712 5A Hall Effect Current Sensor Module is a current sensor based on the ACS712ELC-05 chip current sensor. The Allegro® ACS712 can widely be used in industrial, commercial, and communications systems such as motor control, load detection and management, switched-mode power supplies, and overcurrent fault protection. It is an economical, user-friendly,  high precision tool for AC or DC current sensing. This sensor has a linear Hall sensor circuit with a copper conduction path, which intended current flows through this copper conduction path and makes a magnetic field which is sensed by the Hall circuit and converted into a proportional voltage.
( conductor), voltage output on the pin 7 (VOUTof the ACS712, which can directly feed into analog input pin after the filter arrangements. The module can measure positive and negative 5 amp current, corresponding to the analog output 100mV / A. But When no detection current is passed, the output voltage is VCC/2. The sensor can measure positive and negative currents (range -5A…5A), and the power supply is 5V for the sensor, and the middle sensing voltage is 2.5V when no current.

Model: ACS712
Working Voltage: 5V
Color: Blue
Material: PCB + metal
PCB size: 31mm x 13mm

ACS712 works based on Hall detection principle, while using avoid it from the magnetic field, its accuracy will be affected.

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