ElectroPeak Loyalty Program

Satisfying our customers is one of the most important criteria for making decisions at ElectroPeak. In addition to the services we offer for everyone, we have provided more discounts for our loyal customers based on their purchase amount

  • Bronze

    $500 Total purchase in last 12 months

    • Discounts even for one piece!
  • Silver

    $1000 Total purchase in last 12 months

    • More discounts even for one piece!
  • Gold

    $2000 Total purchase in last 12 months

    • Much more discounts even for one piece!

Updating user levels is done automatically. We review all accounts every day, and upgrade (or downgrade) them as needed. We only consider completed orders. After changing your order status to “completed,” your level will be upgraded within 24 hours.

What is RoboClub, then?

RoboClub is the name of ElectroPeak’s customers club. On RoboClub, you can collect points by various activities, and then use them to get discount coupons. RoboClub, therefore, has nothing to do with your purchase amount. Bronze, Silver and Gold Customers, in addition to the discounts included in the product prices, can register a discount coupon , and get even more discounts!