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Sharp GP2Y0A710K0F IR sensor is a distance measuring unit, can be used for obstacle detection for robots. It has a measuring range of 100 to 550 cm. The sensor gives output voltage proportional to the distance measured.
The sensor adopts a triangulation method hence cannot be easily influenced by a variety of the reflectivity of an object or ambient temperature and provides reliable readings. Its high obstacle detection range makes this sensor an excellent alternative to sonar in some applications.
However, because of their-linear behavior and their dependence on the reflectance of surrounding objects, measurements based on the intensity of the back-scattered IR light are very imprecise for ranging purposes. For this reason, environment maps made with this type of sensor are of poor quality, and IR sensors are almost exclusively used as proximity detectors in mobile robots. 
There are different optical sensors that use a triangulation measuring method to measure the distance of an object.
These sensors work on the principle of reflected light waves. The infrared light reflected from objects or sent from an infrared remote or beacon. The reflected light is detected and then an estimate of distance is calculated between the sensor and object.
This module is designed for use in a variety of application areas such as Computers, OA equipment, Telecommunication equipment (Terminal), Measuring equipment, Tooling machines, Audiovisual equipment and Home Appliances, robots, a sensor for energy saving, amusement equipment (like arcade game machine).

Input Voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V
Working Current: 30mA
Output Type: Analog
Distance Range: 100cm ~ 550cm
Size: 29.5mm × 13.5mm × 13mm

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