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What is Pin Header?

Pin headers are essential connectors found on electronic devices, facilitating communication between components. They consist of rows of metal pins that can be plugged into a corresponding socket or interface, creating a secure and versatile connection.

Price of Pin Header

Pin headers, crucial components in electronics, vary in price based on factors such as material, quality, and quantity. While standard pin headers are cost-effective, specialized or high-quality headers may come at a higher price. Buyers should consider their project requirements and budget constraints when selecting pin headers.

Tips for Buying Pin Header:

Material Quality: Opt for pin headers made from durable materials like gold-plated brass for enhanced conductivity and longevity.

Pitch and Size: Consider the pitch (distance between pins) and size of the headers, ensuring compatibility with your devices and applications.

Pitch and Size pin header.jpg

Pin Type: Choose between male and female pin headers based on your specific connection needs.

Quantity: Purchase headers in quantities that align with your project requirements to avoid unnecessary excess.

Right-Angle vs. Straight: Depending on spatial constraints, select either right-angle or straight pin headers.

Types of Pin Headers:

Size of Pin Headers

2.54mm Pitch Pin Header (0.100 in): Standard pitch suitable for various applications, offering a balance between size and compatibility.

2.0mm Pitch Pin Header: Compact pitch option, ideal for projects with limited space requirements.

1.27mm Pitch Pin Header: Fine-pitch header for applications demanding higher pin density and reduced spacing.

1.0mm Pitch Pin Header (0.050 in) : Ultra-fine pitch, designed for projects demanding extremely compact and densely packed connections.

0.8mm Pitch Pin Header: Miniaturized pitch for specialized applications where space optimization is critical.

0.5mm Pitch Pin Header: Micro-pitch headers, suitable for miniaturized electronics and precision applications.

0.4mm Pitch Pin Header: Nano-pitch option for ultra-miniaturized devices and advanced electronic projects.

Pin Header.jpg

Shape of Pin Headers:

Straight Pin Header: Standard configuration with pins extending straight from the header, suitable for typical PCB connections.

Right-Angle Pin Header: Designed to mount at a right angle to the PCB, offering versatility in board layouts and space-constrained environments.

Dual Row Pin Header: Consists of two parallel rows of pins, providing increased pin density for complex circuit connections.

Female Header: Receptacle-style header with open slots to receive male pins, facilitating connections between PCBs or devices.

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Pin Header: Ideal for automated assembly processes, with pins designed for surface mounting directly onto the PCB.


Stackable Pin Header: Designed for stacking multiple headers vertically, allowing for complex board designs with components on different levels.

Stackable Pin Header.jpg

Swiss Round Pin Header: Features a unique round shape for specialized applications, offering a distinct visual and functional design.

Swiss Round Pin Header.jpg

Connection Methods:

Direct Wiring: Wires are soldered to the pins, creating a permanent and stable connection.

Headers and Sockets: Pin headers are inserted into female sockets, allowing for a secure yet removable connection.

Breadboards: Pin headers can be used with breadboards for prototyping, providing a temporary and flexible setup.


Microcontrollers: Pin headers enable the connection of microcontrollers to various peripherals.

Expansion Boards: Used to attach expansion boards or modules, enhancing device functionality.

Prototyping: Essential in the prototyping phase of electronic projects, allowing for easy adjustments and modifications.