ACS712 20A Current Sensor Module

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This is a breakout board for the fully integrated Hall Effect based linear ACS712 current sensor. The sensor gives a precise current measurement for both AC and DC signals. This version is optimized to sensing current up to 20A.
The ACS712 outputs an analog voltage output signal that varies linearly with sensed current. The device requires 5VDC for VCC and a couple of filter capacitors.
Sensing and controlling current flow is a fundamental requirement in a wide variety of applications including, over-current protection circuits, battery chargers, switching mode power supplies, digital watt meters, programmable current sources, etc. This ACS721 current module is based on the ACS712 sensor, which can accurately detect AC or DC current. The maximum AC or DC that can be detected reaches to 20A, and also the present current signal can be read via analog I/O port of Arduino. 

Chip: ACS712ELC-20A
Input Voltage: 5V
Output Type: Analog
Measurement Range: -20A ~ +20A
Voltage at 0A: VCC/2 (Nominally 2.5V DC)
Scale Factor: 100 mV per A
Pin Number: 3 Pins
Size: 27.2mm x 12mm

NOTE: ACS712 is based on Hall detection principle, please try to avoid the magnetic field, when using as it may impact the reading accuracy.

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