ZEMCT303A 40A/40mA Current Transformer

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Model : ZEMCT303A
Rated input current : 5~40A
Rated output current : 5~40mA
Turns ratio : 1000:1
phase angle error : ≤200'(input 10A,sampling resistor 5Ω)
linear range : 0~400A(sampling resistor 5Ω)
linearity : ≤5%(5%dot~120%dot)
Permissible error : -5% ≤ f ≤0(input 10A,sampling resistor 5Ω)
Output leads : Red, black( same polarity: P1 and red wire)
application : motor soft-start current sampling
Encapsulation : Epoxy
installation : Straight-through type
operating temperature : -40ºC~+85ºC

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