ZMPT101B 2mA/2mA Precision Voltage Transformer

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ZMPT101B Voltage Transformer [2mA-2mA] is a high-precision voltage transformer in miniature size which designed for applications where AC voltage signals must be transformed accurately into a lower voltage signal. This appropriate for microprocessor-based circuits. ZMPT101B current-type voltage transformer is a kind of mA current transformer, which turn the ratio between primary and secondary is similar to 1:1. A limiting resistor is necessary to be in it with the primary winding. ZMPT101B is general for limiting internal space of devices. ZMPT101B usually works at 1~2mA rated current. When rated input voltage is less than 100V, The operating current usually can be chosen as 2mA; When Rated input voltage is greater than 220V, To reducing the resistor power, the operating current usually can be chosen between 1mA to 2mA.

Model: ZMPT101B
Rated input current: 2mA
Rated output current: 2mA
Turns ratio: 1000:1000
Phase angle error: ≤20'(input 2mA, sampling resistor 100Ω)
Linear range: 0~1000V,  0~10mA(sampling resistor 100Ω)
Permissible error: -0.3%≤ f ≤+0.2%(input 2mA,sampling resistor 100Ω)
Isolation voltage: 4000V
Application: voltage and power measurement
Encapsulation: Epoxy
Installation: PCB mounting (Pin Length>3mm)
Operating temperature: -40ºC~+70ºC
Size: 16.7mm x 19.2mm x 18.6mm

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