SW-18010P Vibration Sensor Module

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This Vibration sensor can be used for flexible devices that are used for measuring various processes. 
This sensor has two contact pins, When an external force is applied upon either by movement or vibration, the sensor's two contact pin is closed and contact is made between the two pins. When the force is removed the sensor terminals return back to open contacts. This sensor is also used for deciding fragrances within the air by immediately measuring capacitance as well as quality.
The SW-18010P vibration sensor is a small spring inside a metal casing. As the sensor vibrates or moves the spring will make contact with the metal casing and conduct through the sensor. 
As this sensor is a simple circuit it will draw very little power and is ideal for a low power circuit. The sensor has three pins, left to right they are digital out (DO), ground (GND) and input voltage (VCC). Digital out will be LOW when motion is detected above the set threshold and HIGH when none is. The threshold can be set by changing the onboard potentiometer.
There are three main types of accelerometers: piezoelectric, piezoresistive, and capacitive MEMS.
The applications of vibration sensors include different industries for measuring the vibration. Electronics toys, alarm, domestic appliances, and smart home systems. It also includes industrial usage such as food & beverage, mining, metalworking, gas & oil, paper, wind power, power generation, etc.

Working voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V 
Output Type: Digital
This is Open-Type Vibration Sensor Module
Wide voltage comparator LM393
Pin Number: 3 Pins
Size: 32mm x 14mm

Pin Description
VCC: 3.3V ~ 5V DC
GND: min / ground / GND
DO: Digital output (sensitivity can be controlled with the potentiometer)

When the product does not vibrate: vibrate switch was disconnected state, output high level, the green light indicator is OFF.
When the product vibrates: vibration switch instantly turns on, output low lever, the green indicator ON.
The output can be directly connected to the microcontroller through the microcontroller to detect high and low level, thereby detecting whether the vibration environment;

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