SW-520D Angle Vibration Tilt Switch Sensor

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1, this switch to use metal material manufacturing, electrical characteristics and mercury switch similar but no mercury switch risk and environmental problems, and the shaking of the single guide through the same properties, assembly use more convenient security;
2, job characteristics: switch in the stationary state, as shown in figure (ON) the level of less than 15 degrees, switch in conducting state; When (OFF) the level of less than 15 degrees, switch in the OFF position; When by external shake to sway power, or set in conduction Angle range, conductive feet electrical characteristics can produce a short time or continuous conduction.
3, when the electric property to restore open state (OFF), switch Settings environment must be static, and (OFF) open terminal Settings should be below the horizontal Angle;
4, this switch all the materials are produced by using environmental protection raw material manufacturing, meet the ROHS requirements;
5, when switch OFF end below the horizontal Angle 15 degrees, shaking it's difficult to trigger conduction;
6, this switch is applicable to trigger small current circuit, does not apply when the power supply switch;
7, this switch is encapsulation, dustproof, waterproof;
8, this switch ball switch series best conduction effect, the highest sensitivity

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10x SW-520D

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