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KS1-40DA is an electronic switching device that switches on or off when a small external voltage is applied across its control terminals. SSRs consist of a sensor which responses to an appropriate input (control signal), a solid-state electronic switching device that switches power to the load circuitry, and a coupling mechanism to enable the control signal to activate this switch without mechanical parts. It serves the same function as an electromechanical relay but has no moving parts.
Packaged solid-state relays use power semiconductor devices such as triacs to switch the current, up to around a hundred amperes. Solid-state relays have fast switching speeds compared with electromechanical relays, and have no physical contacts to wear out. Application of solid-state relays must consider their lower ability to withstand momentary overload, compared with electromechanical contacts and their higher "on" state resistance. Unlike an electromechanical relay, a solid-state relay provides only limited switching arrangements (SPST switching).

Model Number: KS1-40DA
Control Voltage: 3V ~ 32V DC
Load Voltage: 24V ~ 480V AC
Load Current: 40A
Frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Phase: 1 Phase
Number of Poles: 4 Pole
Life Time: >1,000,000 Times
Ambient Temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C
Size: 57mm x 44mm x 32mm

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