Sipeed Tang Nano 9K FPGA Development Board

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Introducing the Sipeed Tang Nano 9K FPGA Development Board - a cutting-edge platform that combines power and versatility for FPGA development. Designed for both beginners and experienced developers, this board offers an exceptional experience with its impressive features and performance. With its compact size and user-friendly design, it provides an ideal balance between functionality and convenience.

Powered by a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA, this board delivers high-performance computing capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With 9,216 logic cells and 240KB of distributed RAM, it offers ample resources for complex digital designs. The Tang Nano 9K also features 32MB of onboard SDRAM, providing generous storage capacity for your projects. Equipped with a range of I/O interfaces, including USB, UART, and SPI, this development board offers seamless connectivity with external devices. With its programmable clock, onboard LEDs, and buttons, it allows for easy debugging and testing. Unleash your creativity and explore the possibilities of FPGA development with the Sipeed Tang Nano 9K FPGA Development Board.

Note: Please consult the board's documentation and resources for comprehensive setup instructions and example projects. Ensure proper power supply and signal connections, and exercise caution when working with FPGA devices to prevent damage to the board or other components.

Specification of Sipeed Tang Nano 9K FPGA Development Board:

  • Parameter Detail Logic unit(LUT4) 8640
  • Registers(FF) 6840
  • ShadowSRAM SSRAM(bits) 17280 Block
  • Number of B-SRAM 26
  • User flash(bits) 608K SDR
  • SDRAM(bits) 64M
  • 18 x 18 Multiplier 20
  • SPI FLASH 32M-bit
  • Number of PLL 2
  • Dimensions Approximately 65 x 23mm
  • Power  5V via USB connector
  • Display interface HDMI interface,
  • SPI screen interface,
  • RGB screen interface
  • Debugger Onboard BL702 chip provides USB-JTAG and USB-UART functions for GW1NR-9 IO
  • Support 4mA,8mA, 16mA, 24mA other driving capabilities Provides independent Bus Keeper,
  • pull-up/pull-down resistors, and Open Drain output options for each I/O Connector
  • TF card slot,
  • 2x24P 2.54mm Header pads
  • 2 x Programmable Button for users
  • 6 x Onboard programmable LED

Features of Sipeed Tang Nano 9K FPGA Development Board:

  • GW1NR-9 with 8640 LUT4 logical units
  • Onboard USB to JTAGUART debugger
  • Onboard screen connector
  • Onboard RGB screen connector
  • Onboard 1.14-inch SPI screen connector
  • Onboard 32M-bit SPI FLASH
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