MAX7219 Dot Matrix Led Display Module (Green)

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LED screens or Light-Emitting Diodes have been in the market for a long time and they have better color quality, more brightness and less battery consumption than LCD screens. This led display module is an 8 x 8 matrix of LEDs, which is very suitable for displaying a numerical or alphabetic character. The communication port of this screen is of SPI type, which is very easy to use, and data is sent through 3 pins, and it can work in the temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees.
The setup of this matrix LED module is done using the MAX7219 driver chip, which is an 8-bit IC and requires a voltage of 4 to 5.5 volts to turn on.
LED display modules are used in many applications, such as making all kinds of electronic display panels.


  • single module can drive an 8 * 8 dot matrix common cathode led
  • module operating voltage: 5V
  • module dimensions: length 3.2 cm X 3.2 cm wide X 1.3 cm high
  • 4 holes diameter 3 mm
  • support for cascading multiple modules


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