Interfacing 2.8 Inch Resistive Touch Screen TFT LCD with Raspberry

2.8 Inch RPi TFT LCD Features

The TFT LCD is a kind of liquid crystal LCD that is connected to each pixel using a transistor. And in addition to low current consumption it has backlight. It is available in a variety of dimensions and resolutions and features high-quality and high-resolution. This module uses SPI protocol for communication, which connects the display and touch screen to Raspberry Pi simultaneously.

Required Material

Hardware component


In order to interface TFT display with Raspberry Pi, prepare only one of the following LCDs.

Raspberry Pi 4 × 1
Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 2.8 Inch × 1
Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 3.5 inch × 1
Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 3.2 Inch × 1

Software Apps

Arduino IDE

Interfacing 2.8 Inch TFT LCD with Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Circuit

The display shield module is placed directly on Raspberry Pi.

Step 2: Library

First, install the Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi.


If you need more help with installing a Raspbian on Raspberry Pi, read this tutorial:  Step by Step Guide to Install Raspbian on Raspberry Pi


After installing Raspbian, open Raspberry Pi Terminal and enter the following command to install the LCD-Show library.

Note: You must be connected to Internet to download the library.

  git clone  

After installing  library, use the following instructions to enter the LCD-show folder.

  cd LCD-show/ 

Then run the following command once (depending on the display type)

Command Display
chmod +x LCD28-show Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 2.8 Inch
chmod +x LCD32C-show Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 3.2 Inch
chmod +x LCD35C-show Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 3.5 Inch

Step 3: Code

After installing library, run one of the following commands according to the type of your display.


You must be in LCD-show folder in order to run the following commands.

Command Display
./LCD28-show Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 2.8 Inch
./LCD32C-show or ./LCD32-show Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 3.2 Inch
./LCD35C-show or ./LCD35-show Raspberry Pi LCD SPI 3.5 Inch
./LCD-hdmi Raspberry Pi HDMI Output

After running the commands above, the operating system will reset.

You can use one of the following commands depending on the type of display in order to rotate the screen.

Command Operation
./LCD28-show 0 0 degree turn
./LCD28-show 90 90 degree turn
./LCD28-show 180 180 degree turn
./LCD28-show 270 270 degree turn
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