We only focus on superb results,

To make impossibles happen

At Electropeak our mission is to be a company that inspires creativity and curiosity. Our philosophy is simple. Focus on one thing and be the best at it. For us, that’s using electronics to make ideas a reality!
Our endless enthusiasm for robotics and electronics and our perpetual pursuit of innovation and creativity, drive us to constantly present distinctive services and products, services and products uniquely offered by ElectroPeak.
We’re striving to put you on the same track and kindle the very same feeling in you. Our goal is to constantly improve both your and our knowledge and contribute to the world’s science, technology and civilization development. We want to leave behind an invaluable heritage.

Message from CEO

We have a team of experts who are very interested in modern technologies and robotics industry. We have great team players; and in order to have the best team, we founded ElectroPeak based on four principles: growth, knowledge expansion, customer-focused leadership and commitment to social responsibilities.
Believing in these values, we try to move towards success and be one of the pioneers in this field
We try to improve the level of robotics knowledge in the world
We try to grow the robotics industry in the world by supporting ideas, paying attention to local needs and providing free services
The best moments of our working life are when we hear the voices of our customers and talk to them.
We are not indifferent to the society we live in, as well as the social responsibilities we have
The ElectroPeak’s members are all young, and this small age difference has doubled the empathy and intimacy among its members. At ElectroPeak, we choose people, not specialties; because we believe that we can learn and grow through these learnings. Work experience and academic degrees are never a priority, but we adore some factors: (a) the ability to understand basic concepts, (b) being eager to learn, and (c) work quality.
At ElectroPeak, not only are we looking to provide new products and services, but we are also willing to create a new life experience; and this is possible only by using creativity and innovation. Creativity and innovation in all fields; new products, new services, entrepreneurship, and so on. ElectroPeak is full of motivated, hardworking, and inspiring people. Join ElectroPeak, and help us make the world a better place to live.
Sepideh Juyandeh, CEO

You can join an extraordinary team as well!

ElectroPeak is looking for young, creative and hardworking people to complete its team. At ElectroPeak, we believe in teamwork as well as the fact that success is possible only with a good team. If respect and determination are among your character traits, if you believe that you can be influential in the world of robotics and electronics, and if you are always looking for personal along with career growth, ElectroPeak can be a suitable opportunity to meet these expectations.