KSD9700 Normally Closed Thermal Protector Temperature Control Switch - 5A, 40 Degrees

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KSD-9700 series thermal protector consists of dish shape high sensitive bimetallic elemeng,movable contact-head,static contact-piece,soleplate,outer case,ghermal resistant lead and so on.When operation,the bimetallic element is in free state and movable contact-head and static contace-piece are closed and the circuit is on.When the electric appliance is in operation is in operation and produces heat caused by some troubles and temperature is raised to the rated action temperature of the product,the bimetallic element produces inner stuess and acts quickly and pushes the movable contact-head and make the vontact point off and the power supply is rurned off the electric appliance stop.in this way the thermal protection is made.When the temperature of electric appliance to be protected is dropped to the rated reset temperature.The bimetallic element restores to its primary state and contact point is closed .The electric appliance restores its work.The product has many advantages such as small in resistor,puick in temperature feeling,fast in action.Safe and reliable.compact and so on.


  • Rated Voltage :AC250V/AC125V
  • Contact : Normally Open(NO)
  • Action Temperature : 40°C
  • Rated Current:5A/8A
  • Electric intensity: ≥800V
  • Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ
  • Lnsulation resistance: ≥ 100MΩ
  • Response speed: ≤1℃/min
  • Service Life: ≥ 10000 times


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