Gy-955 AHRS Kalman Filter Module - High Precision, 9-Axis

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Nine-axis AHRS module BNO055 with Kalman filter GY-955 is a powerful and accurate module. This module provides almost all your needs to build an internal measurement system or IMU with 9 degrees of freedom and nine axes, very high accuracy and advanced internal digital motion processing system (DMP) are unique features of this It is a module, this module consists of two separate chips, according to the I2C and serial interface of this module, you can easily start it with the help of educational boards or any other microcontroller.


  • Module size: 14.6mm * 17.8mm
  • Communication, serial port (9600,115200)
  • Power supply: 3v-5v 15ma
  • Output update frequency 100HZ,
  • Resolution of 0.01 degrees


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