0.36 inch DC 0-30V 3-Wire Digital Voltmeter Display Module - Red

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A voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. Analog voltmeters move a pointer across a scale in proportion to the voltage of the circuit; digital voltmeters give a numerical display of voltage by use of an analog to digital converter.


  • Detection voltage: DC 2.4V ~ 30V
  • Working current: andlt;30mA
  • Display: 0.28 inch LED
  • Dimensions: 31 X 12.0 X 9mm (length x width x height)
  • Installation hole: 23 X 10 mm
  • Measurement rate: ?200mS / times
  • Accuracy: 3%(+/- 1 word)
  • Operating temperature: -10 ~ +65 º
  • Working humidity: 10~80%
  • Working pressure: 80~106kpa
  • Color: 
    This package includes 5 colors Mini Digital DC Voltmeter :
    Red: 2.5V - 30V
    Yellow: 2.6V - 30V
    Green: 2.6V - 30V
    Blue: 3.2V - 30V
    White: 3.0V - 30V
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