2.4GHz IPEX to SMA Female Antenna Adapter With SMA Male Antenna

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This antenna might be the one you are looking for if you happen to look for an antenna that connects to different kinds of IPEX (u.FL) connectors.
It is a vertically polarized antenna that supports frequency bands of 2400mHz to 2500mHz. It has a signal gain of 2.5dBi, with an impedance of 50Ω and uses up to 50W power. It could operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, and needs to be stored in places with -55°C to 80°C ambient temperature. This antenna has U.FL to SMA cable that enables you to use it with U.FL, as well as SMA components, and is compliant to the Federal Communication Commission(FCC) Part 15 compliance.
It has lightning protection with a direct ground connection.

Band Frequency Range (MHz) 2400-2500
Gain Gain (dBi) > 2.5
Standing wave ratio VSWR <1.5
Polarization Polarization Vertical
Non-Circularity (dB) ±0.5
Input Impedance Impedance (Ω) 50
Lightning Protection Direct Ground
Maximum Power Maximum Input Power(W) 50
Connector Type SMA
Antenna Dimension (mm) 110 (Unbend) 92 (Bend)
Tail Length Tailing Cable Length (mm) 100/120/200
Packing Size Packing Size (mm) 295×110×60
Weight Wight(Kg) 0.009/12
Use Environment Application Condition Indoor
Operating Temperature (°C) -40~+70
Storage Temperature Reposition Temperature(°C) - 55~+80

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