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The WS2812 16-Bit RGB LED Ring Module is a versatile and visually appealing component that integrates multiple individually addressable RGB LEDs into a circular arrangement. Each LED can display a full range of colors by controlling its red, green, and blue channels independently. The WS2812 protocol allows for cascading multiple LED rings, enabling dynamic lighting effects and animations.

Specificatoins of WS2812 16-Bit RGB LED Ring Module:

  • LED Type: RGB LEDs with WS2812 protocol
  • Number of LEDs: 16 LEDs in a circular arrangement
  • Control: Individually addressable LEDs, allowing unique colors and animations for each LED
  • Communication: Uses a single-wire data protocol (WS2812) for data transmission
  • Light source model: 5050
  • Working Voltage: 4-7V DC
  • Outer diameter 68mm
  • Inner diameter 54mm

Features of WS2812 16-Bit RGB LED Ring Module:

  • Individually Addressable LEDs: Each RGB LED can display a unique color, enabling versatile lighting effects and animations.
  • Cascadable: Multiple LED rings can be connected in series, allowing synchronized animations across a larger array.
  • Vivid RGB Colors: The module provides vibrant and customizable colors, making it ideal for decorative lighting and visual displays.
  • Usage Tip:
  • Utilize appropriate libraries or software to control the WS2812 RGB LED ring module. Ensure you have a sufficient power supply to accommodate the total power consumption of all LEDs when they are set to maximum brightness.
  • Caution:
  • Be cautious when handling the module to avoid damaging the LEDs or connections. Properly manage the power supply to prevent overloading or damaging the LEDs.
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