XY-AP15H Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier Board - 10W/15W/20W

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XY-AP15H is a high-power Stereo Bluetooth Audio module. Dual channels audio signal output. Built-in amplifier module therefore it can connect to loudspeaker directly. It is ideal for DIY wireless Bluetooth speakers and transponders.

It can work with APP Sinilink which can display can monitor the current voice source and switch Equalizer.

Use the power amplifier board as far away as possible from the WIFI signal (router)

The recommended supply voltage is DC 8~24V, if it exceeds 26V, the chip will burn.

The power supply does not exceed 12V when connected to a 4ᅫᄅ speaker and does not exceed 24V when connected to an 8ᅫᄅ speaker

The power supply current is recommended to be above 2A.

The working power of the module exceeds 20W*2, and a heat sink is required

The speaker cable should not be too long and ensure that it is suitable within 1 meter

Pay attention to static electricity protection. Discharge the static electricity on your hands before touching the power amplifier board to prevent static electricity from breaking down the chip. Bluetooth chips are more sensitive to static electricity.

It is recommended to adapt the speaker with a rated power of 30W and above to avoid the speaker from heating and burning

Specificatoins of XY-AP15H Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier Board - 10W/15W/20W:

  • Model: XY-AP15H
  • Audio input: Bluetooth + AUX+USB flash disk+Computer USB sound card (plug and play)
  • Power supply: 8-24V (high power recommended high voltage)
  • Adapter speaker:30-200W￯ᄐロ4-8ᅫᄅ
  • Channel: left and right(stereo)
  • Bluetooth version:5.0(>15 meters without occlusion)
  • Protection mechanism: overvoltage,under-voltage,overheating,DC detection,short circuit protection
  • Size: 52*52mm
  • Output power 10W+10W at 12V 8ohm
  • Output power 16W+16W at 12V 4ohm
  • Output power 15W+15W at 16V 8ohm
  • Output power 20W+20W at 16V 4ohm
  • Output power 20W+20W at 20V 8ohm
  • Output power 20W+20W at 20V 4ohm

Usage Notes For XY-AP15H Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier Board - 10W/15W/20W:

How to use:

1. Choose the right speaker and connect as shown in wiring diagram.

2. Connect to right power supply from input terminal.LED indicator will flashing and it means that module enters pairing mode.And then speak prompt voice and it means that module is waiting for pairing.

3. Turn ON Bluetooth in phone.

4. Select Bluetooth device ‘XinYi’ in your Bluetooth device listing.

5. LED indicator will keep ON and it means that module is successfully connected and is waiting for playing.

6. Module will playing music after select music in phone.LED indicator will keep slowly blinking.

7. Increase or Decrease volume by adjust potentiometer.

8. Press potentiometer to play or pause music.

Extra Notes:


Modified speaker

Amplifier equipment

Car Bluetooth device

Package Includes:

1pcs XY-AP15H 15W*2 Bluetooth Amplifier Module

1pcs 6mm knob cap

1pcs DC-005 power adapter

2pcs shell

4pcs M2*11mm Copper column

4pcs M2*3+5mm Copper column

8pcs M2*5mm screw

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