WTV020-SD Micro SD Card MP3 Sound Player Module

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The WTV020-SD Voice Player Module is a plug in SD card  which can play voice in WAV and 4Bit ADCPM format. The main chip is WTV020-16S and WTV020-20S package chips. The module supports 32MB to 1GB capacity storage with fat file system formatted, which updating the voice content is directly changed on the PC through the SD card reader. This module supports two-wire serial control mode, the keyway and UART 232 serial manner, which capable to automatically recognize the voice file format and voice sample rate. The control settings info changes in a TXT file stored in the TFT card. Also, it can automatically detect folders and files and play background music or commercial language.
By applying the module with an Arduino, you can design a speech project, in order to use in automotive electronics (burglar alarm, reversing radar, GPS navigator, electronic dog, central control lock), intelligent home system, home burglar alarm, medical device voice prompts, music player, home appliances (Radio Stations), communication equipment (telephone exchange), industrial control Fields (elevators, industrial equipment), toys and other fields. 
The WTV020-20S chip is released with one of these modes, with MP3 mode, with key mode (control 3 group of voice with volume adjustment or 5group of voice), with two line serial mode, and with Loop play mode (after power on, the module will play loop, with memory function in the mode). Now and in this module, the WTV020-20S chip is provided and customized in Mp3 or voice player mode. 

Input Voltage: 2.6V ~ 3.6V
Static Current: 16uA
Interface:  2-Wire (Data, Clock) 
Audio output: 16bit DAC and PWM 
Maximum Voice storage: 512 voice
Capacity: 32M to1G capacity of the SD card
Loadable sampling rate:    6KHz to 32KHz, 36KHz sampling rate of AD4 audio
                                            6KHz to 16KHz sampling rate of WAV audio
Pin number: 16 pin
Size: 20.6mm x 18mm

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