TDA2030A v2.1 3-Channel Subwoofer Stereo Audio Amplifier Board

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3-Channel Stereo Subwoofer  Audio Amplifier Module is two 15 Watts stereo channels and a 30 Watts subwoofer channel for stereo channels and 5 to 8 inches (20.32 centimeters), 4 to 8 ohms 20 to 50W woofers​​​​​​ for the subwoofer channel. The module works based on two TDA2030 chips for stereo channels and  TDA2050 chip for the subwoofer channel. It can be supplied with AC double AC9-15V transformer, be recommended double AC12V power is above 25W (2A) transformer. It has high SNR, almost no static noise, excellent sound quality (treble fine, soft, transparent, bass, solid, full and strong). The tone board can be separated from the main board for easy installation. It's highly recommended applying a sound absorbent cotton for the subwoofer box to get a better overweight bass.

IC: 2xTDA2030, TDA2050
Input Voltage: 9V ~ 15V
Input Voltage (Recommended): 12V
Output Power: 30W (TDA2050), 2x15W (TDA2030) [This amplifier board cannot be directly powered by a 12V battery or DC power supply. Use a positive or negative dual-supply DC or AC 12V transformer to supply power]
Output Impedance: 4Ω ~ 8Ω
Size: 79mm x 95mm x 60mm (including heatsink height and potentiometer handle length)

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