VL6180X Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Module

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The VL6180x three-in-one optoelectronic module integrates an IR VSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) infrared vertical cavity surface emitting laser source, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor (ALS).  The VL6180X module implements a proximity sensor using the time-of-flight (ToF) measurement principle; the VL6180X includes a SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) detector array that detects the time at which a single photon is transmitted from the target to the target and back to the module, calculated in conjunction with the signal amplitude. The actual distance, independent of the reflectivity of the object, this actual distance measurement capability can also produce simple but reliable one-dimensional gesture control.

The ambient light sensor also has high sensitivity and precision under ultra-low light, wide sensing dynamic range, and ambient light (Lux) corrected output.

  • VL6180X breakout board is a Time or Flight sensor. This means that it can display the “flight time” or the time until landing based on the distance to the target. The distance is determined optically
  • The module is extremely precise, and is therefore suitable above all for very short distances in the range up to 10 cm
  • The VL6180X sensor has an impressive design, which is why the sensor module can easily be used in any kind of robot, aircraft or in interactive projects.
  • The sensor can be used for numerous applications, such as: built-in intelligent optical module for proximity detection, range-range and other functions.

Specifications of VL6180X Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Module:

  • Part No: VL6180
  • Operating voltage: 3 – 5V
  • Infrared laser wavelength: 850nm
  • Communication interface: IIC (400kHz), address 0x29 (7-bit), two programmable GPIO
  • Optimal working temperature: -10 ~ 60 ° C
  • Range (near) range: 0 to 100mm Error 13mm Under certain external environmental conditions, such as 100mm in dark environments
  • Temperature drift: 9 ~ 15mm
  • Voltage drift: 3 ~ 5mm
  • Conversion time: 15ms
  • Ambient light range: 1~100kLux 16-bit output
  • Ambient light sensitivity: 0.36 Lux/count
  • Ambient light gain range: 1 to 40 (eight)
  • Angle response: 42 degrees
  • Linearity error: 5% (1 to 300 Lux), 10% (300 to 7500 Lux)
  • Gain error: 1% (gain 20), 7% (gain 1 to 10)

Applications VL6180X Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Module:

  • Cell Phone Backlight Dimming
  • Cell Phone Touch-screen Disable
  • Notebook/Monitor Security
  • Automatic Speakerphone Enable
  • Automatic Menu Pop-up
  • Digital Camera Eye Sensor.
  • Gesture Detection.
  • Color Sense.
  • Ambient Light Sensing.
  • Cell Phone Touch Screen Disable.
  • Mechanical Switch Replacement
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