GY-56 VL53L1X Laser Ranging Sensor Module

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The GY-56 Infrared Laser is a low cost digital infrared range sensor module. Operating voltage 3-5v, small power consumption, small size, easy installation. Its working principle is that the infrared LED emits light and is irradiated. After the object, the return light is received by the MCU and the MCU calculates In this module, there are two ways to read data, namely Serial UART (TTL level) + IIC (2 lines) mode.

The baud rate of the serial port is 9600bps and 115200bps configurable. There are continuous, inquiries output in two ways, you can power off the save settings.

Provide Arduino, 51, stm32 microcontroller communication program. GY-56 can set the upper and lower limit distance alarm value, switch output, In the set interval, there is a block of the measured object and a high level is directly output. Under the IIC mode, you can set different internal IIC addresses if necessary.


Specification OF GY-56 VL53L1X Laser Ranging Sensor Module:

  • GY-56 Infrared Laser Ranging Module with Serial port or IIC Communication.
  • Measurement range: 0-2 meters
  • Response frequency: 22ms
  • Operating Voltage: 3-5 V
  • Working current: 15-35 mA
  • Working temperature: -20°-85°
  • Storage temperature: 40°-125°
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