TEA5767 Stereo FM Radio Module With Antenna

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TEA5767 FM Stereo Receiver Module is an I2C and 3-wire bus FM stereo receiver module, which consist of one tuner circuit based on TEA5767 chip and an audio amplifier based on TDA1308 chip. The TEA5767 chip is a single-chip specialized for low voltage application such as Arduino or other boards, which is an electronically tuned FM stereo radio and has an integrated low noise RF input amplifier, result in high sensitivity.
This radio is built very simply without requiring any adjusting, just requires a few of small and cheap external components. The radio can electronically be tuned to the European, US, and Japanese FM bands.
This module is specialized to be used with Arduino or other microcontroller boards, developing desired stereo FM radio. The module has a 3.5mm headset/speaker jack and an external antenna connection. It is equipped with the power supply reverse protection diode, the power output filter, on board inductance, multiple capacitance combination filters, blue power light and a 3.5 mm antenna jack to directly pull out and plug in the antenna.

Main IC: TEA5767 (tuner)

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