YwRobot Soil Moisture Sensor Module

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This module is a simple moisture sensor, use measuring changes in moisture and humidity resistance,The drier the soil, the output voltage is smaller. The more humid the larger output voltage,The module will be inserted into the soil, by the AD converter voltage signal can be detected in soil moisture. You put the two points in the ground and the dryness/humidity can be measured by means of the analog OUT pin connected to your Arduino.

Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
Port: Analog voltage
Output voltage: 5V power supply, about 0-3.6V (3.6V voltage is completely immersed in water)
Output voltage values are for reference, because different water quality factors, see the actual measurement
Detection Area: 40 * 20mm
Detection surface: Gold-plated
Platform: Arduino
This sensor is a consumable, life is about 6-12 months (soil environment)

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