SIM800A Wireless GSM GPRS Module

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SIM800A mini board with high-performance industrial grade GSM / GPRS module: SIM800A, working frequency band: GSM900 / 1800MHz. Can achieve telephone voice, SMS (SMS, MMS), GPRS data transmission function (Support transparent mode, domain name resolution and IP mode), also hasDTMF decoding (You can identify the other button), TTS (Optional Local voice broadcast) and Bluetooth (Optional) ). Hardware design in the official design to be optimized, the use of efficient switching power supply, SIM card with the mainstream MICRO deck, more solid quality.
Module applications: remote monitoring, remote intelligent meter reading, intelligent home and automotive equipment and other remote communication equipment.

Power supply requirements: 5V-18V power supply, current needs to provide 1.5A or more;
The TTL level serial port is compatible with 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. Really can communicate directly with microcontrollers such as 51/STM32/MP430;
Standby at around 30MA, you can set the sleep state to low power consumption around 10MA.
Support SMS, GPRS data transmission, send MMS, DTMF, HTTP, FTP, PPP dialing and other functions.
At the same time, the hardware contains a reset pin. This pin reset can be used when there is a problem with the module.
Serial port circuit: TVS and magnetic bead protection devices are used to protect the board, so that the board will not be damaged by surge and high voltage.
SIM card circuit: Add SMF05C electrostatic release chip.
Antenna circuit: guaranteed to be short and straight so as to ensure signal strength.
PCB display: Each interface is screen printed, which is convenient for secondary development. The design is completely in accordance with the SIM900A hardware design manual.
All the way 5-18V power supply interface: We have done protection, even if it is reversed, it will not burn the board.
One way TTL interface: support 3.3V microcontroller and 5V microcontroller. In other words, it supports 51V 5V and STM32.
Two antenna interfaces: SMA antenna interface, IPX MINI antenna interface (not soldered by default).

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