RXB61 Wireless Receiver Module - 433MHz

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RXB61 315MHz ASK superheterodyne wireless receiver module is a cost-effective ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band receiver module. It Has high receiving sensitivity, small size and reasonable price. This module can improve the stability and reliability of wireless low-end products, improve the quality and image of the product in order to strengthen the product competitiveness. You only need a simple data decoder circuit beside this circuit to start the development of your wireless products.
Good local oscillator radiation suppression, multiple receiver modules can work together (ie single overcharged) and will not interfere with each other, used together without affecting the receiving distance.
car door remote control switch (RKE), remote control door opener, wireless security alarm, 
wireless doorbell, Wireless Controller, a wireless data transmission.


receiver sensitivity of -107dBm
Operating frequency: 315 MHz; 433.92 MHz; (special frequency can be customized according to customer requirements)
Power supply voltage input range: 3.6V-5.5V;
Low power consumption, 3V @ 315MHz, 3.7mA; 3V @ 433.92MHz, 4.9mA, sustained data transfer rate to the 2.4K (Manchester encoding)
good selectivity and spurious radiation suppression
Temperature range: -20-70 °C can work even in harsh ambient temperature

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