HC-SR501 PIR Motion Detection Sensor

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The HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor is a compact and versatile device designed to detect human or animal movement within its range. Operating on the principle of passive infrared (PIR) technology, this sensor is sensitive to changes in infrared radiation emitted by warm objects in its detection area. With adjustable sensitivity and time delay settings, the HC-SR501 is commonly used in various applications, including security systems, home automation, lighting control, and interactive installations. Its simple interface and reliable motion detection capabilities make it an essential component for projects that require accurate and responsive human presence detection.

Specificatoins of HC-SR501 PIR Motion Detection Sensor:

  • Operating Voltage: Typically 4.5V to 20V DC
  • Quiescent Current: < 50uA
  • Detection Range: Up to approximately 7 meters (adjustable)
  • Detection Angle: Approximately 120 degrees
  • Delay Time: Adjustable from a few seconds to a few minutes
  • Output: Digital high (3.3V or 5V) when motion is detected
  • Dimensions: Compact size, designed for easy integration into various projects

Features of HC-SR501 PIR Motion Detection Sensor:

  • Precise Motion Detection: The HC-SR501 utilizes passive infrared technology to detect human or animal motion based on changes in infrared radiation, ensuring accurate and reliable motion detection.
  • Adjustable Settings: With adjustable sensitivity and delay time, the sensor can be tailored to specific project needs, optimizing its response to different environments and requirements.
  • Wide Application Range: The sensor finds applications in security systems, automatic lighting, interactive installations, and various projects that demand responsive and effective motion detection.
  • Usage Tip:
  • During initial setup, carefully adjust the sensitivity and delay time settings based on the specific area and scenario where the sensor will be used. Test and calibrate the sensor's response to ensure it aligns with your intended functionality.
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