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The P52 Liquid Level Sensor is a reliable solution for precise level control, offering simplicity and ease of use without the need for power or complex circuitry. Featuring a durable mechanical switch, it ensures longevity and dependable performance. Its versatility extends across a range of industries including shipbuilding, power generation, petrochemicals, food processing, water treatment, dyeing, refining, and hydraulic machinery. When paired with suitable materials and liquids, and considering factors like pressure and temperature, the P52 Sensor proves invaluable for accurate liquid level monitoring and control.

Specifications of P52 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Maximum Contact Rating: 10W
  • Maximum Switching Voltage: 110V
  • Maximum Switching Current: 0.5A
  • Maximum Breakdown Voltage: 220VDC
  • Maximum Current Carrying Capacity:0A
  • Maximum Contact Resistance: 100mohm
  • Max Pressure: 1Mpa
  • Total Cable length: 40cm / 15.7inch
  • Weight: 16g / 0.6oz
  • Temperature Rating: -10°C to +60°C
  • Float Ball Material: PP
  • Float Body Material: PP

How P52 Liquid Level Sensor works

The fluid level sensor operates through a magnetic reed switch integrated within a pivotal float. Encased within a non-magnetic plastic tube. The float contains magnetic material and hosts one or more magnetic reed switches. As the float moves with the liquid, it interacts with the reed switch, resulting in open or closed actions, effectively controlling the level or direction (with the switch being triggered when the float nears or moves away from it).

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