MR60BHA1 60GHz mmWave Sensor - Heart Rate And Breathing Monitoring

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The 60GHz mmWave Sensor - Heart Rate And Breathing Monitoring (MR60BHA1) is a cutting-edge and versatile sensor that offers advanced monitoring capabilities for heart rate and breathing. With its advanced technology and compatibility with various devices, this sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications in the healthcare and fitness industries. It also has a compact and lightweight design, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.

Equipped with a 60GHz mmWave radar and advanced signal processing algorithms, this sensor offers accurate and real-time monitoring of heart rate and breathing. It also has a user-friendly interface and a variety of output modes, making it easy to integrate into your projects. With its affordable price and practical functionality, the 60GHz mmWave Sensor is a top choice for healthcare professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals looking to track their health and wellness. Upgrade to this sensor and have a versatile and reliable tool for heart rate and breathing monitoring.

Specification of 60GHz mmWave Sensor - Heart Rate And Breathing Monitoring (MR60BHA1):

  • Supply voltage: 4.6~6v (Typycally 5V)
  • Interface: UART Serial
  • Detection distance (thoracic): 0.4~1.5m
  • Respiratory measurement accuracy: 90%
  • Heartbeat measurement accuracy: 95%
  • Refresh time: 1~30s
  • Observation set-up time: 20s
  • Operating current (ICC): 150mA
  • Operating temperature (TOP): -20~60℃
  • Operating frequency (fTX): 58~63.5GHz
  • Transmitted power (Pout): 6dBm
  • Antenna gain (GANT): 4dBi
  • Horizontal beam (-3dB): -20~20o
  • Vertical beam (-3dB): -20~20o
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