Maix Bit AI Development Board RISC-V K210 IoT

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Introducing the MAIX Bit AI Artificial Intelligence K210, a powerful and versatile development board designed for AI and machine learning projects. Equipped with the revolutionary K210 AI chip, this board offers fast and efficient processing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from facial recognition to voice control. Its compact size and user-friendly interface make it perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike.

With its built-in camera and microphone, the MAIX Bit AI board offers a complete AI development platform, allowing for real-time data collection and analysis. It also has a variety of interfaces, including USB, UART, and I2C, for easy connection with other devices. With its low power consumption and durable design, this board is the perfect choice for all your AI projects. Upgrade to the MAIX Bit AI Artificial Intelligence K210 and unleash the power of AI today.

Specification of MAIX Bit AI Artificial Intelligence K210:

  • Dimension: 53.3 25.4mm/2.101”

  • Input Voltage: 4.8~5.2 V

  • Input Current: >600mA

  • Temperature Rise: <30 K

  • Operating Temperature Range: -30~85 ºC

FEATURES of MAIX Bit AI Artificial Intelligence K210:

  • Controller Chip: K210

  • Processor: RISC-V Dual Core 64-bit, 400 MHz:

    • Dual-core RISC-V 64-bit IMAFDC, 8 MB SRAM memory, frequency 400 MHz (up to 800 MHz)

    • KPU (Neural Network Processor), 64 KPUs with a width of 576 bits, support convolutional kernels, any form of activation. Offers 0.25TOPS @ 0.3 W, 400 MHz, and after overclocking to 800 MHz, offers 0.5TOPS (object recognition 60 FPS VGA)

    • APU (Audio Processor), support for 8 microphones, sampling frequency up to 192 KHz, FFT unit inside, Mic Array

    • Flexible FPIOA (Field Programmable IO Array) chip, mapping 255 functions to all 48 GPIOs on the chip

    • DVP camera interface and MCU LCD interface, you can connect a DVP camera, run the algorithm and display on the LCD screen

    • Peripherals: AES accelerator, SHA256 accelerator, FFT accelerator (other than APU), OTP, UART, WDT, IIC, SPI, I2S, TIMER, RTC, PWM etc.

  • Memory: 6MB general purpose memory+2MB AI memory

  • Flash: 16MB

  • Support MicroPython

  • Compatible with most OpenMV algorithms

  • Support Neural network algorithm: encapsulates the nnn class of mpy

  • Neural network algorithm speed: hundreds of GOPS (thousands of times STM32)

  • Face detection speed: conventional algorithms 6 frames

  • OVGA, RGB image: AI acceleration can reach more than 60 frames

  • Debugging support: UART and JTAG interface

  • GPIO Interface: all GPIOs connected to header 2.54mm

  • DVP Camera Connector: 24P 0.5mm FPC connector (compatible with OV2640, OV7740, OV5640, etc. )

  • LCD Connector: 8 bit MCU LCD 24P 0.5mm FPC connector

  • On-board MEMS Microphone

  • On-board TF Card Slot

For detail, please visit the maker website.

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