44E Hall Effect Sensor Module

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The 3144E Hall switch IC uses the Hall effect principle, a magnetic-sensing circuit fabricated using semiconductor integration technology, which is composed of a voltage regulator, a Hall voltage generator, a differential amplifier, a Schmitt trigger, a temperature compensation circuit, and a collector. The open-circuit output stage consists of a magnetic sensing circuit whose input is magnetically induced and the output is a digital voltage signal .
The sensor has the following characteristics: small volume, high sensitivity, fast response, good temperature performance, high precision, and high reliability.

1. Working voltage: 3.3-5V
2. Use the 3144E switch type Hall sensor.
3. When the sensor senses a magnetic field, the digital output is low and the signal light is on; if no magnetic field is sensed, the digital output is high and the signal is not lit.
4. Has a power indicator and a signal indicator.
5. Output form: digital switch output (0 and 1) AO port is invalid
6. Adopt LM393 comparator output, the model is clean, the waveform is good, the driving ability is strong, more than 15mA.
7. It is provided with fixing bolt holes for easy installation and fixing.
8. Can be used for motor speed measurement, position detection, etc.

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