Interfacing PC817 4-Channel Optocoupler Module with Arduino

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PC817 Optocoupler Module Features

An Optocoupler, is an electronic component that interconnects two separate electrical circuits by means of a light sensitive optical interface.
There is a is a light emitting diode with a phototransistor inside the optocouplers, both of them are isolated from the external environment of the optocoupler; This means that the internal phototransistor can only receive light emitted by the internal light emitting diode. The phototransistor base is stimulated by light received from a light emitting diode and can pass current according to it.

Opto-couplers are used where two circuits need to be separated and isolated. For example, when we want the control circuit (for example, processors) to be separate from the power circuit (for example, relays, motors, etc.) we use optocoupler to remove the power circuit noise on control circuit.



Optocouplers have a low output current. For example, the maximum output current for PC817 is 50 mA. As a result, you cannot connect high current components (such as motors, etc.) to the optocoupler output directly. You need to use a transistor to supply current in such cases.

The Internal construction of optocouplers is like this:

PC817 Optocoupler Module Pinout

Each PC817 channel has 4 pins:

Input pins:

  • IN: Input – 5 to 30 V
  • GND: Ground

Output pins:

  • OUT: Phototransistor collector pin
  • GND: Phototransistor emitter pin

You can see pinout of this module in the image below.


There is a jumper for each channel. If the jumper is connected, the G pins of input and output are connected to each other. But if the jumper is not connected, the two pins are separate.

Required Materials

Hardware Components

Arduino UNO R3 × 1
PC817 Optocoupler Module × 1
Male to Female jumper wire × 1

Software Apps

Arduino IDE

Interfacing PC817 Optocoupler Module with Arduino

Step 1: Circuit

The following circuit shows how you should connect Arduino to PC817 module. Connect wires accordingly.

Step 2: Code

Upload the following code to your Arduino. This code continuously connects the Optocoupler input for 1 second and disconnects for 1 second.

  PC817 Optocoupler
  modified on 29 Sep 2020
  by Mohammad Reza Akbari @ Electropeak
Based on Adafruit Example */ void setup() { pinMode(2, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(2, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(2, LOW); delay(1000); }

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