10cm 40P male to Female Jumper Wire

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Wires are the connecting parts of a circuit. Jumper wires are small wire ducts that can be used to connect components to each other on bread boards or elsewhere. The male and female heads of this product, with plastic heads,can provide easier connection without need to soldering .


  • Compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin headers.
  • Used in LED screen outside the wiring harness inside the wiring harness, communication wiring harness, lamps, wiring harness, wiring harness design etc.
  • Harness design, processing: processed automotive wiring harness, wiring harness heat appliance wiring harness, single harness, cable, computer wiring harness.
  • Product Name : Jumper Wire;Number : 40Pin
  • Type : Male to Female;Pitch : 2.54mm
  • Total Size : 10 x 5.5cm/8.3"" x 2.2""(L*W);Color : Colorful
  • Metarial : Plastic;Net Weight : 31g
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