HW-MS03 Human Body Microwave Sensor Module

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RCWL-0516 is a microwave induction module which uses Doppler radar technology to detect object movement. The module has the characteristics of high sensitivity, long induction distance, strong reliability, large induction angle, and wide supply voltage range. it is widely used in various human body induction lighting and anti-theft alarm occasions.

Specificatoins of HW-MS03 Human Body Microwave Sensor Module:

  • Input voltage: 4-28V
  • Input current: 2.8~3mA
  • Detection distance: 5~9m
  • Transmission power: 20~30mW
  • Output voltage: 3.3V
  • Max output current: 100mA
  • Output High level: 3.3V
  • Output Low level: 0V
  • Working temperature: -20~80°C
  • Storage temperature: -40 ~ 100°C

Features of HW-MS03 Human Body Microwave Sensor Module:

  • 1. Not affected by temperature, humidity, airflow, dust,noise, light and dark, anti-interference ability.
  • 2. Microwave module is a field tranceiver signal, widecoverage and no blind area
  • 3. Microwave induction effet in the transmission process is relatively good. when used indoors, the effect is better. When used outdoors, the induction distance is slightly reduced or the sensitivity is slightly weak due to the influence of the enviroment. This is normal.
  • 4.Using special signal processing control chip rcwl-9196
  • 5. Wide operating voltage range: 4.0-28.0V
  • 6. Compared with the traditional infrared feeling PIR, it has penetration detection capability
  • Blockade time, distance adjustable
  • 7. Output 3.3V power supply

Usage Notes For HW-MS03 Human Body Microwave Sensor Module:

Adjustmenr Instruction:

C-TM: Adjust the repeated trigger time, the default trigger time is 2s. Increasing capacitance will increase the repetitive triggering time.

Actual calculation of repetitive triggering time can be done as follows:

paste capacitance at C-TM, test the 3-foot frequencyfo f9196, repetitive triggering time T=(1/f)*32768.R-GM:

R-GM: Detection distance adjustment, resistance connection, detection distance decreases. Not connected, the detection distance is about 7m. connected with 1M resistance, and the detection distance is about 5m. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

R-CDS: Internal VCC is connected to CDS foot (9feet of 9196) by R-CDS and internal 1m resistance in parallel, and guang'min is connected to CSD.

Extra Notes:

Pin definition:

1: 3V3

2: GND

3:Out (High when moving object detected)

4: VIN: Input voltage, 4-28V

5: CDS (Input High will turn on the module)

Application notes:

No metal shielding shall be allowed in front of the induction surface.

Reserve more than 1cm of space in front and rear of sensory front.

The module is aas parallel as possible to the plane of the loader

Effective application in certain detection area.

The components of the module are positive and negative. Negative induction has a slightly worse effect.

Microwave modules can not be widely used in the same area, otherwise they will interface with each other .The spacing between individual units must be more than 1m.

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