3x4 Flat Matrix Keypad

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Keypads are a great way to interact with your project. You can use them to navigate menus, enter passwords, and control games and robots.
This 3 x 4 Matrix Keyboard contains 12 buttons and made of thin, flexible membrane material. It uses the technique called multiplexed matrix keypad wherein keys are connected in a matrix (row or column), thus only needs 7 microcontroller pins (3-columns, 4-rows). The presence of adhesive backing allows it to be attached to anything.
Whether your project is space-constrained or you just want a cool look and a high tech keypad, the 3x4 matrix keyboard is the ideal choice for your project.

Channel: 12 Channel
Pin Number: 7 Pins
Size: 69.2mm x 76.9mm x 0.8mm

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