ESP-201 ESP8266 WiFi Module

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The ESP-201 cards are programmable like Arduino cards and can communicate in wifi with other devices (computers, smartphones, etc.). There are several models, the ESP-01, the ESP-03, the ESP-12 ... and it is the ESP-201 that we propose. The ESP-201 operates at 3.3V and does not have a voltage regulator, so make sure to always supply 3.3V and not 5V or from a battery pack.
ESP-201 wireless module can be used as the IO module, and also has IPX interface on board. The processor is clocked at 80MHz (against 16MHz for Arduino UNO board) and has 80KB of RAM (against 2.5KB for an Arduino UNO board). This card has an external flash memory of approximately 400KB (against 32KB for an Arduino UNO card).
This card has several input-outputs.
ESP8266 ESP-201 WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module
GPIO Pins: 11
ADC: 1
Antenna: External/PCB
USB-To-Serial: no
Breadboard friendly
IPX interface on board
Size 10*11mm
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