Dual-axis XY Joystick Module

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The Dual-Axis XY Joystick Module is a versatile input device designed to provide analog control in two dimensions, allowing users to manipulate positions along the X and Y axes. This module incorporates two potentiometers that translate the movement of the joystick's shaft into analog voltage signals. It is commonly used in various applications, such as gaming, robotics, remote control systems, and graphical user interfaces. The module provides a user-friendly interface for achieving precise control over movements and positions in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Specificatoins of Dual-axis XY Joystick Module:

  • Number of Axes: 2 (X and Y)
  • Analog Output: Provides analog voltage outputs proportional to the joystick's position along the X and Y axes
  • Operating Voltage: Typically 5V (depending on module variant)
  • Signal Interface: Analog outputs compatible with microcontrollers' analog inputs
  • Form Factor: Compact module with a joystick and mounting holes
  • Dimensions: Varies based on module design

Features of Dual-axis XY Joystick Module:

  • Dual-Axis Control: The module allows users to control positions along both the X and Y axes, providing versatile analog control in two dimensions.
  • Analog Output: Generates analog voltage signals proportional to the joystick's position, enabling precise and continuous control over movements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With its ergonomic joystick design, the module offers a familiar and intuitive interface for various applications that require directional input.
  • Usage Tip:
  • Read the module's datasheet or user manual to understand the voltage range and output characteristics corresponding to the joystick's movements along the X and Y axes. Calibrate your control system based on these characteristics to achieve accurate control.
  • Caution:
  • Exercise care when connecting the module's output pins to analog inputs on microcontrollers or other devices. Avoid applying excessive force to the joystick to prevent damage. Handle the module gently to prevent damage to the potentiometers and internal components
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