DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope With TFT 2.4"

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A digital storage oscilloscope (often abbreviated DSO) is an oscilloscope that stores and analyses the signal digitally rather than using analog techniques. It is now the most common type of oscilloscope in use because of the advanced trigger, storage, display and measurement features that it typically provides.
This kit includes everything you need to build your very own, fully functional, digital oscilloscope. Once you have got it up and running, the oscilloscope features up to 5M samples/second, 8-bit resolution, up to 50Vpp max input voltage, and more.
This kit includes a semi-populated PCB, with all of the surface mount components already soldered on for you. The components left for you to solder are all through-hole. This is on the higher end of difficulty as far as through-hole kits go.
The DSO138 module is a controller board that includes a color LCD mounted on it.
All control elements such as slide switches and push-buttons as well as sockets for signal input and the power supply are soldered to the board. On the left of the board, the choice of the input coupling and the amplitude adjustment can be selected with basic mechanical slide switches.
The other functions are selected using buttons on the right. Overall the operation is fairly intuitive and works quite well. DSO138 is partially open-sourced.
The heart of DSO138 is a Cortex-M3 ARM processor (STM32F103C8) from ST. It uses a 2.4-inch TFT LCD (320 X 240 dot matrix, 262K colors) that displays crisp and clear waveforms.

• This kit uses ARM Cortex-M3 processor, and includes a 2.4-inch color TFT display screen, can be used as ARM test development board
• With automatic, regular and one-shot modes, easy to capture the moment waveform
• Can be secondary developed to millivoltmeter, data loggers
• Adjustable vertical displacement, and with instructions
• Available rising or falling edge trigger
• Observable previous trigger waveform (negative delay)
• Can freeze at any time waveform display (HOLD function)
• Comes 1Hz / 3.3V square wave test signal source
• Waveform storage: not lose the waveform after power off
• Short-circuit and open-circuit detection: can help the user find out the soldering error
• TFT controller recognition function

MCU: ARM Cortex-M3 (STM32F103C8 )
Channel: 1 Channel
Analog Bandwidth: 0 ~ 200KHz
Sensitivity: 10mV/Div ~ 5V/Div
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Accuracy: < 5%
Resolution: 12 bit
Maximum Measuring Voltage: 50Vpp (1: 1 probe), 400Vpp (10: 1 probe)
Coupling: DC, AC, GND
Max Real-time Sampling Rate: 1Msps
Time-base: 10us/Div ~ 500s/Div
Record Length: 1024
Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger Types: Rising/falling edge
Trigger Position: 1/2 of buffer size fixed
Display: 2.4-inch color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution
Input Voltage: 8V ~ 12V
Recommended Input Voltage: 9V 
Input Current: 120mA
Size: 117mm x 76mm x 15mm

Note: This kit does not include the power supply.

 Package Include:
1 x DSO138 2.4″ TFT Digital Oscilloscope Kit
1 x Oscilloscope Cable

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