DRV8833 Dual DC Motor Driver Module

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Driver DRV8833 can control up to two DC motors or one stepper motor with a constant current of 1.5 A (peak 4A ).
The motors are controlled, independently by means of PWM signals the direction of rotation of the motors can be controlled, neutral or stop with a frequency of up to 100 kHz.
Two input signals (IN1 and IN2) can be used to control one motor (connected to OUT1 and OUT2) and the other two input signals (IN3 and IN4) to control the second motor (connected to OUT3 and OUT4).
This DRV8833 dual-bridge motor controller is the replacement for the TB6612FNG dual-channel motor controller.
The pins come unsoldered. If the motor draws currents above 0.6A, the use of a heat sink may be required.

Driver chip: DRV8833
Supply voltage: Vcc = 2.7-10.8V
Output current: Iout = 1.5A (RMS per channel) / 4A peak
Energy saving (sleep function). Div >
Operating modes: Turn clockwise, anti-clockwise, neutral and brake.

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