TPA3118 Audio Amplifier Module - 60W, 1-Channel

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TPA3118 Mono Digital Audio Amplifier Module [60W] is a 60W single channel digital audio amplifier, which is based on the TPA3118 half-bridge and full-bridge audio amplifier chip. The TDA31xx series are Class-D stereo amplifier family without any filter circuit and AM, that has high efficiency of 90% with low power consumption.  Due to low pwer dissipation, this series can be used without external heatsink under half load (2x30W/8Ω on the dual-layer PCBs) or with a small heatsink at full load. The TPA3118 can operate as 2×30-W into an 8-Ω BTL Load at 24V supplying voltage (full load condition) or 1 × 60W in a mono full-bridge application (RL = 8 Ω) that is used as a mono amplifier in this amplifier board. This chip equipped with an internal protection circuit to protect it against short-circuit faults, over-voltage faults, under-voltage faults, DC input, and thermal faults (overheating).
This board can run one 4 ohms speaker or one 8ohms, which 8ohms speaker is the best selection to achieve continuous 60W output power.  This module can be supplied with a wide range of 8V up to 26V that 24V with 2.5A is recommended. This amplifier board has 8 solder pad, 2 for supplying wires, 2 for connecting speaker, and 2 for feeding audio inputs, and 2 for jumpering to mute the output sound.
This tiny amplifier features powerful sound, high-quality sound, without POP noise, small to squeak, and large to cannon sound, that specially developed for applying in-home appliance and Portable Audio, such as flat panel television, flat-panel monitor, multimedia systems, wireless speakers, mini and microsystems, and home sound sets.

IC: TPA3118
Input Voltage: 8V ~ 24V
Output Power: 60W (Max)
Output speaker impedance: 4Ω ~ 8Ω
Size: 46mm x 35mm

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