INA219 DC Current Voltage Sensor Module - I2C Interface

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 CJMCU-219 TINA219 ZerO Drift Bidirectional I2C Current And Power Sensor Module is a comprehensive power monitoring solution which has a zero-drift, bidirectional current and power monitoring integrated circuit (IC) with an I2C or SMBUS-compatible interface. The INA219B module measures both current and voltage (across the 0.1 Ω, 1% sense resistor) with 1% precision and communicates digitally with the host with the TWI/I2C. It's capable of high side current and voltage measurement up to 26V and 3.2A. The I2C interface has a timeout setting that not only avoids bus lock, but also provides a high-speed mode that meets communication requirements of up to 3.4 MHz. All aspects of the INA219 support software programmable. The programmable calibration register reads the current, directly in amperes, also, by additional multiplying register calculates and reads the power in watts. The I2C or SMBUS-compatible interface features 16 programmable addresses. The device uses a single 3V to 5.5V supply, drawing a maximum of 1mA of supply current.
The INA219 achieves an 1% maximum error accuracy over the -40C to +85C temperature range with a maximum offset of 100 uV, thus with the industry's highest accuracy and the smallest size, it not only monitors the voltage drop across the shunt resistor, senses the shunt supply voltage, but also calculates the power supply. It's available in a SOT23 package, provides a small, low-cost solution for server, notebook, power, battery management, and digital current sensing in automotive and telecom equipment. The product's high precision combined with 12-bit resolution helps customers minimize the voltage drop across the shunt resistors, minimizing power loss and power consumption and saving board space.

Supply Voltage: 3.0 – 5.5 V
Voltage Measurement Range: 0 – 26 V
Current Measurement Range: 0 – 3.2 A
Power Measurement Range: 0 – 83.2 W
16 Programmable Addresses
High Accuracy: 0.5% (Maximum) Over Temperature (INA219B)
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