WS2812B 16-Bit RGB LED Square Module

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The WS2812B 16-Bit RGB LED Square Module in a 4x4 configuration is a compact and versatile lighting module that consists of a grid of 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs. Each LED on the module can be controlled individually using the WS2812B protocol, allowing you to create vibrant and dynamic lighting effects in various applications.

Specificatoins of WS2812B 16-Bit RGB LED Square Module:

  • LED Type: RGB LEDs with WS2812 protocol
  • Number of LEDs: 16 LEDs in a Square arrangement (4x4)
  • Control: Individually addressable LEDs, allowing unique colors and animations for each LED
  • Communication: Uses a single-wire data protocol (WS2812) for data transmission
  • Light source model: 5050
  • Working Voltage: 4-7V DC
  • Dimensions:3x3mm

Features of WS2812B 16-Bit RGB LED Square Module:

  • Individually Addressable: Each of the 16 RGB LEDs can display its own color, allowing for dynamic and customizable lighting patterns.
  • Versatile Integration: The module's compact size and programmable nature make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from artistic displays to interactive installations.
  • Bright and Vivid Colors: The WS2812B LEDs provide vibrant and vivid RGB colors, making the module suitable for decorative and eye-catching projects.
  • Usage Tip:
  • Utilize compatible libraries or software to control the WS2812B RGB LED square module. Ensure your power supply can handle the total power consumption of all LEDs when they are set to maximum brightness.
  • Caution:
  • Handle the module carefully to prevent damage to the LEDs or connections. Ensure proper power management to prevent overloading or damaging the LEDs.
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