Dual USB 5V 1A 2A Li-ion Battery Charger Boost Module

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booster plate double charge management, the charging process press button for 5 seconds turn 2.1A input)
18650 lithium in strict accordance with the + and - identification into the (reverse will burn circuit boards). When the battery is placed correctly, did not show the need to insert such as charger activated.Display numbers as a reference, each manufacturer of the battery discharge voltage curve is different, so do not think that show 50 percent of it must be half of the total electricity consumption.Charging treasure into the phone to automatically charge the phone full of power automatically shut down (measured charging current less than 150 mA charge treasure automatic shutdown).Use a flashlight function, quickly double-press the switch to turn on or off. Found panels conversion rate of 90.6% (measured capacity battery 3.7V 4383MAH, USB 5V discharge capacity measured 2940MAH).

Support batteries Type: 18650 (without batteries)
Capacity: max 30000 mah
Input parameters: Double Android charging interface 5V/1A 5V/2A
Output parameters: USB 1 5V / 1A USB 2 5V / 2A
Conversion rate: 90%
With LCD digital display, dual LED lights

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