CC1101 433MHz 10mW Wireless Transceiver Module - 500m Range

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The CC1101 wireless radio module with a frequency of 433 MHz and a power of 10 mW, which uses the CC1101 chip, is a data transmitter/receiver module with high stability and strong diffraction performance, which is capable of working at a frequency of 433 MHz. This module has features such as high transmission ability, good quality characteristics, small harmonic and cross channel, small size and very high accuracy. In order to control this module, an external microcontroller with SPI interface is needed.

Specificatoins of CC1101 433MHz 10mW Wireless Transceiver Module - 500m Range:

  • Maximum Rate: 500kbps (support ASK/2-FSK/4-FSK/GFSK/OOK and MSK modulation)
  • Setup Software Modification: Rate, Power and Frequency
  • Sensitivity: High (1.2Kbps, -110dBm, 0.1% packet error rate)
  • Current Consumption: Low (RX Mode: 15.6mA, 2.4Kbps, 433MHz) HIGH (TX Mode: 29mA)
  • Wireless wake-up function: Yes (Support low-power electromagnetic activation, wireless wake-up low-power sleep state of the equipment)
  • Access to automatic channel clearing before transmission (CCA)
  • Built-in hardware CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) error detection, and address control

Features of CC1101 433MHz 10mW Wireless Transceiver Module - 500m Range:

  • IC: CC1101
  • Control Interface: SPI
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Input Voltage: 1.8V ~ 3.6V (recommended 3.3V), Higher than 3.6V voltage will cause permanent damage to the module
  • Communication level: 0.7VCC -3.6V VCC refers to the module supply voltage
  • Transmit power: 10dBm about 10mW
  • Receiver sensitivity: -109dBm
  • Data Rate:1.2Kbps ~ 500Kbps, software adjustable(it is recommended to use low airspeed)
  • Interface: SPI (maximum rate of up to 10Mbps)
  • Transmission Single data packet length: 1 to 64 bytes
  • RSSI Support Support See the chip manual for details
  • Transmission Distance: 500m
  • Antenna: Spring , IPEX(External, 50Ω Characteristic Impedance)
  • Pin Number: 8 Pins
  • Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Size: 12mm x 20.8mm
  • Pinout pitch: 1.27mm
  • Pinout: VDD, GD00, CSN, SCK, MOSI, GD01, GD02, GND
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