0-30V DC Analog Voltage Panel Meter

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85C1 Analog DC Current Meter Gauge Ammeter [1mA - 300mA] is an analog ampere meter, which is designed for DC signals and can tolerate up to 2000 voltage.  The 85C1 series consists of different gages such as DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, DC ammeter, AC ammeter, and frequency meter with an accuracy of class 2.5. In the DC gages considering the polarity is important, but the AC gages don't need polarity considering. These gages are equipped with a button for fine-tuning the needle pointer.
This series contains the 85C1-xxV (xx is the maximum voltage metering), 85C1-xxA (xx is the maximum amper metering), 85C1-UA, 85C1-MA, And 85C1-A (for amperemeter in range of microampere, milliampere, and Ampere), and 85C1-HZ (for frequency meters).
These gages are small and beautiful mechanical gages, that can be used in the dashboards, control panels, audio systems, audio equipment, industrial automation, home automation, and so on. The 86C1-MA DC current meter gages are presented in 9 optional milliampere range of 1mA, 2mA, 3mA, 5mA, 20mA,30mA, 50mA,  100mA, 200mA, and 300mA  without any different price that covers a variety of applications. This amperemeter should be used with a current shunt resistor (in parallel with the amperemeter) so that makes 75mV different potential on the shunt resistor.

Measuring  Range: DC 1mA - 300mA ( Optional )
Accuracy level: 2.5
withstand voltage: 2000V for 1 minute
Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +55℃ 
Size : 64mm x 56mm

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